7 Ways to Stay Motivated

Motivation Infographic-source-www.ragan.comsource

Recently KBA member and resource provider, Joyco Productions, posted a great infographic on their Facebook page. Make sure to click to view the entire infographic, it’s full of great content!

3 of the key points I liked were: 

  1. Activation-the decision to do something
  2. Intensity-the amount of effort that goes into doing it
  3. Perseverance-how long you can keep up the effort

How can we take these points and apply them to a Kingdom Business?

  1. Activation-the decision to do something-Is it time to decide to implement Kingdom principles into your business? What specific tasks can you do? How would this actually look?
    Answer: It doesn’t need to be difficult if you have several options to choose from and get inspired. We have a document from a local ministry that we can send you if you just let us know! Also, the upcoming event with Os Hillman in January 2016 will give you real-life case study applications from great teachers and business leaders!
  2. Intensity-the amount of effort that goes into doing it. Once you decide on a few things you can do, give it long enough to work and get baked into your organization. Your people will see your passion and intensity you bring to announcing these and will jump on board!
  3. Perseverance-how long you can keep up the effort-don’t worry, everyone won’t be negative! But it will take consistent effort to get that momentum rolling, don’t give up too soon, you know the story of the gold miners stopping too soon right?!




About Mike Saunders, MBA

Mike Saunders holds an MBA in marketing, helps small business owners in his Digital Marketing Agency, Marketing Huddle and teaches Marketing Strategy as an Adjunct Marketing Professor at several Universities including Colorado Christian University and Grand Canyon University. He recently launched a boot camp to help Christian business owners Discover, Design and Implement God's Blueprint for their business. www.HolyHuddleBootcamp.com
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