Why The Kingdom vs. What is the Kingdom

April 2022 Kingdom Business Alliance Meeting

This is a topic that has been building for a while. We talked last month about how we go about serving God and the kingdom, the importance of righteousness and justice as a foundation to be in right standing with God.

Next month will be a very exciting discussion of what is the kingdom. But this month I wanted to focus on why we should care about the kingdom. What is it about the bible messaging that should resonate in our heart? And how do we obey the many scriptures as far as why the kingdom?

Bible References and over 100 Gospel references to Kingdom

I spent some time in the preparation of the meeting. I laid out, if you would, an argument of why the kingdom? If we look at the agenda, the 1st Discussion Notes Item is the significance of the good news of the kingdom. I don’t intend to repeat everything that’s listed in the study notes, I’d also, like a little discussion feedback.

I’ve tried to lay this out in a legal like argument basis, there’s so many scriptures (150 in the New Testament NIV) dealing with the kingdom. I think it’s really eye opening. If you just focus on the kingdom. Some years ago, as we were doing it and I found this in my notes; these are copies of pages out of Blue Letter Bible program that just deal with the kingdom. It’s just overwhelming. (Please view the Discussion notes for a comprehensive listing of key scriptures related to Jesus’ purpose, mission, priority and teachings on Kingdom)


If we could be open to fresh revelation taken directly from the words contained in these scriptures, we will see an extensive focus by the New Testament writers describing the importance of Gods Kingdom. It’s overwhelming clear. Including References to the kingdom throughout all of scripture, including the expectation of the renewed Kingdom from the Old Testament.

In the handout there are many Old Testament scripture references to the coming of the kingdom and God’s promise of the restoration of the kingdom that had been established and been in place with Adam and Eve in the garden. They were living in oneness with God under His Kingdom authority. It was God’s plan all along to restore that oneness and to allow us as his people to be part of that kingdom on earth in real time and for eternity.

If we just focus on Jesus own ministry and what he spoke about as highlighted here, there’s over 115 references in the gospels alone and 150 overall in the New Testament to the kingdom. If we just were to seek out what Jesus is teaching about the kingdom, I think it’s pretty clear that when he kicks off his ministry, it’s “repent for the kingdom of God’s is near”.

How exciting the fact that, I get excited every time I think about it, is when Jesus came to earth, he brought forth the Kingdom of Heaven with him. When he ascended to heaven, he released the Holy Spirit to establish the kingdom today. For wherever the King’s presence is, there is his Kingdom.

I think a lot of us, get focused on the great beyond, the by and by, waiting for the rapture, this isn’t my home, and someday I’m going to be in glory and similar – a heaven based focused. But we’re missing our current assignment the fact that the kingdom (spiritual) is here now, it’s not in its fullness now, but it’s here and operating now. Jesus says so!!

Jesus speaks and teaches extensively about the Kingdom of God

The question then becomes, as I serve Jesus, how does the kingdom relate to that? Jesus himself said his purpose was that to preach the good news of what? The kingdom. And that repent and believe the good news. Oh, that was his kick-off, his purpose. (Please see the discussion notes for the referenced scriptures).

“I must preach the good news of the kingdom of God, because that is why I was sent.”(NIV Luke 4:43) Jesus’ says one of his main purposes, was the bringing forth of his kingdom on earth. Of course, he teaches his followers how to pray, how to seek the Fathers will on earth in real time. The ability to bring forth the heavenly realm into our earthly realm. This is a prayer, I used to pray every day in my company. I would walk around, and I would pray. I would specifically add in elements as it related to where we were working, and who our clients were, and our businesses and staff. “Your kingdom come, your will be done.” Jesus taught in reference to the Father, what to seek first and bring forth – the kingdom! To me, one of passions I’ve pursued for the last 20 years with a lot of vigor and a lot of excitement, is how do I bring forth the Kingdom of Heaven. In God’s plan

  • Jesus arrives brings forth the Kingdom of Heaven to earth,
  • Jesus prepares the way for His people to enter into and receive the kingdom within (heart), through the cleansing with His pure blood and return of right standing (righteousness) with God,
  • Upon Jesus ascension back to Heaven, releases the Spirit of God to fill our cleansed hearts (temple), activating, guiding and helping each of us to seek and bring forth His Kingdom in daily living in our own personal assignment! and
  • Kingdom citizens on earth assembling, joining together to be Jesus body, the called out ones, restoring God’s kingdom government authority and possession. The ekklesia- Church.

No wonder Jesus said it was better for Him to leave, as the Kingdom presence was about to explode on the earth! That man must be borne again (in spirit) to see the Kingdom, that it is a never ending kingdom. That He would return when that message had been preached around the world. That we would be with Him forever!

How Can we bring forth God’s Kingdom on Earth – Today?

How today can we bring forth God’s Kingdom? Jesus sent out the disciples. I always had this vision of the disciples going out and they’re going to talk about Jesus. What he sent them out to do is, “But you go and proclaim that the Kingdom of God has arrived.” (LK 9:60) That’s what they were preaching in addition to talking about Jesus as the promised Savior. Those messages are complimentary.

When the disciples were sent out, Jesus said, “Our priority is to seek first the kingdom.” Of course, we have talked about Matthew 6:33 for a long time. Seeking is not a passive thing, it’s an active thing. It is also voluntary not compulsory. Actively pursuing, obtaining, understanding, desiring knowledge and application of the kingdom. Then in the parables, most of the parables describe what is the kingdom like.

Why would Jesus spend the time in the many parables trying to lay out what the kingdom is like if he wasn’t trying to get his disciples and us as followers to understand what the kingdom is? Why would he bother if it wasn’t important to him that his people know about and manifest his Kingdom?

I was listening to a podcast even this morning by Miles Monroe. And he brought out that the parables, if you think about the parables, they were designed to conceal truth until the listener was ready to discover the revelation for themselves. And there’s scriptures that go through, as you know, that, “If you have ears to hear, let them hear and eyes to see, let them see,” because what happens is until it’s revealed to each of us by the Holy Spirit, it’s an interesting topic, but it’s not a purpose.

And that’s the challenge that I see is that many people read scripture, they see the text about the kingdom, but it hasn’t resonated in their heart that this is one of the primary purposes and passion and calling to seek first the kingdom. But once you get it and that concealment lens is removed, and then you then have ears to hear and eyes to see. Then you can see how the kingdom applies to most everything that we’re doing, everything in walking out our faith in this life.

It applies to the purposes of what Jesus came for and what Jesus is coming back for. It flows out of the Gospel of Salvation in which we enter God’s Kingdom, becoming the essence, a central motivation for how we live our lives and in how we go about serving Jesus.

Where is Kingdom, Who’s Kingdom is it

Jesus says, so if that’s the case, where is the kingdom? Because the people at that time were looking for a physical kingdom. And obviously, it’s a very important element to figure out is, well, where is the kingdom? I find it interesting in the book of Matthew and then if you look at throughout the gospels, there’s reference to the kingdom of heaven.

Then in the middle of book of Matthew, he starts talking about the kingdom of God. I remember initially when I first saw that is why is that the case? But ultimately as I’ve prayed through it is because they’re describing the same thing. It’s just that the Kingdom of Heaven is where it’s from and the Kingdom of God is who’s it is.

Others comments: That’s good.

Isn’t that cool?

That’s cool. Can you say that one more time?

James: Yeah, so as you read through the gospels where it mentions the Kingdom of Heaven, which is how Matthew starts, that reference is describing this kingdom of where it’s from. It’s not an earthly kingdom, it’s from heaven. In fact, Jesus later says, “My kingdoms are not of this world, but my kingdom is from another place.” But then there’s description, even in Matthew, again in the latter parts to talk about the kingdom of God.

Well, because it’s God’s Kingdom, it just happens to be from heaven, brought to earth. We think, “Okay, well Jesus’ message on earth while he was here was a kingdom message.”

Kevin’s comments: It’s almost like… Yeah, it’s like he describes the plot. Right? And this kingdom language is very much like it’s an ownership that Jesus is declared, this is the deed. This is the kingdom. Right? Because what is a kingdom?

And that’s what we’re going to get into next month is I really want to… That’s exactly right. What is the kingdom?

How do you define it?

Right. So, we’re going to get into that in detail. Yeah.

Looking at from two different perspectives where it came from, who’s it is, it’s like…


There’s a lot of the answer to that question of what a kingdom is about right there.

James Barthel: Well, and then the resurrected Jesus in Acts 1:3, think about this. In Acts is it’s transitioning over to Jesus’s Ascension. And then the apostles going forth is, this caught me by surprise, is he appeared to them over a period of 40 days, which is great and spoke about what? He didn’t speak about things exclusively that I’ve been previously taught. He also spoke about the Kingdom of God.

Not only that, the apostles, when they went out, the apostle Paul, what did they speak about in Acts 28:31 “boldly without hindrance, Paul preached the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord, Jesus Christ”.

It’s a continuing message from the beginning of the book to the end. I didn’t have my last note that’s in there. But even in revelation then is that the end comes when the kingdom is preached to the whole world. Yeah, we’re going to share the message of salvation, relationship with Jesus and the context of the kingdom.

1 Corinthians 15:24 says, “The end will come when he hands over the kingdom to the Father after he has destroyed all dominion authority in power.” Matthew 24:14 says, “The gospel of the kingdom will be preached to the whole world as a testimony, then the end will come.” Part of the missionary purpose needs to be preaching the Kingdom of God. Then the end comes according to scripture and according to Jesus. Not only is it a macro purpose, as we think about trying to serve God and bring forth his will.

But it’s also a micro purpose that we you and I get to participate and live in the kingdom now. One of the things that I’ve thought about is that as I look at the gospel of salvation, which I’m very, very, very thankful for, not only for myself, but for the people I love and the people I know, that’s a gift. That’s by faith. Right? It doesn’t necessarily require an application. I receive it, I didn’t earn it by application.

There’s nothing I can do to earn it. The gospel of the kingdom has an application component.  It’s how we live our lives. It’s what we do, how we bring our faith, and how we use the gifts and talents and resources that you’re given. To align my very purpose for being, using the giftings I have received for building, bringing forth His kingdom over my own kingdom.

Remember a couple months ago, we talked about how people are falling away and not attending church, which is a big problem that we all want addressed as Church is vital in the Kingdom. It was reported that one reason was they don’t see the relevance of going to church into how they live their lives, and there’s experiencing hypocrisy from within those attending church and other things. Part of the problem can be because we’re not applying the kingdom, because if you’re applying the kingdom, then it’s relevant to every day. It’s relevant to everything that I’m doing, at home or at work or with my friends.

I think the other thing is when you’re applying the kingdom, you have the ears to hear and the eyes to see what Jesus is wanting us to do actively. You have that veil of concealment lifted. This is a main teaching in the first parable. The parable of the Sower, Jesus said if you don’t understand this one you will not understand the others. Its time that the Pastors and Minister’s, God Bless them, are not the only leaders seeking to bring about God’s Kingdom, we all have that opportunity and responsibility. To work together not separated. His Kingdom needs what you have!

Parkers Comments: You’re going to be under attack Right? You are entering a season where you are now is really, really valuable lesson. Right. Satan wants nothing more than to destroy that.

He’s going to do everything he can to turn your world upside down. Right? We have this visual that we like use and it’s think of it as two triangles just one on top of each other. God wants us here where everybody is at the top.

Satan wants us here where everybody’s the bottom. Right? So it’s these two very opposing principalities when you think about it. When you start defining why the kingdom, it’s like well that’s your why. God wants us all to be good. He wants us all to be righteous. He wants us all to do well, and do that through him and Satan wants the exact opposite. That’s your cutting the why behind the kingdom. But as you start doing that, it’s…

James Barthel: Well, it’s a good lead in, Parker, to the next discussion point Why the kingdom, it’s understanding application.

Meeting Notes: April 1 2022 Kingdom Business Alliance: 
Serving Gods Kingdom on earth

By James Barthel, New Horizons LLC

Significance of the Goodnews of the Kingdom

  • Repent for the Kingdom of God has come
  • Kingdom of Heaven (where it is from)
  • Kingdom of God (who’s is it)

 Why Kingdom understanding and application is important to me

  1. Purpose: Who/What are we worshiping/serving

MAT 4 Jesus testing in the wilderness (NIV):

4.8 Satan showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. 4.9 “All this I will give you” he said “if you bow down and worship me”

4.10 Jesus said to him “Away from Satan! For it is written”: “worship the Lord your God, and serve him only” (Dt 6:13)

Revelation: who or what we serve is actually what we are worshiping, what we give ourselves to is what we are serving!

  • Advantages of the Kingdom, what are the attributes, characteristics and behaviors
  • Discussion on contrasts and overlaps (motive)
  • Ephesians 4&5: Unity and Maturity in Body of Christ

Who’s Kingdom are we actually building? If God’s are we Co-Owners and what can stop us???

  • Obedience and accountability

MAT 23:13 Woe to you teachers—–you hypocrites, you shut the Kingdom in men’s faces, — you don’t enter nor will you let those enter who are trying. (MK 12:40, LK 20:47)

  • Blessing

MAT 6:19 store up treasures in heaven rather than on earth (Kingdom)

MAT 13:52 Instruction about Kingdom allows Owners to bring out new and old treasures from storehouse.

  • Mission

1COR 15:24 end will come, he hands over the kingdom to the Father, after He has destroyed all dominion, authority and power. (similar to MAT 24:14 Gospel of Kingdom)

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