The Key Important Question- My Why do I lead a Business?

A person writing the word Why and a question mark

The apostle Paul instructed the Corinthians in 1Corinthians 10:31b, the last part of the verse, with these words, he said, “Whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” A foundational aspect of the second level of a Kingdom Business is to move beyond self and to seek to grow a company that Glorifies…

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What is the Kingdom of God?

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The Kingdom of God is where Jesus is King. He is the governing influence over his territory impacting it with His personal will, purpose, and intent, producing a culture of values, morals, and lifestyle that reflect Jesus desires for his citizens. He is the sovereign ruler of His kingdom. (Myles Monroe) The Kingdom of God…

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Why is Seeking and Understanding the Kingdom so Important.

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What is God’s Kingdom? Last month we studied and discussed Why the Kingdom is so important to our walk and serving Jesus through business and life. We observed that the Kingdom of God message was taught 115 times in the gospels alone. We discovered that the Kingdom of God was a continuing and comprehensive theme…

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Why The Kingdom vs. What is the Kingdom

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April 2022 Kingdom Business Alliance Meeting This is a topic that has been building for a while. We talked last month about how we go about serving God and the kingdom, the importance of righteousness and justice as a foundation to be in right standing with God. Next month will be a very exciting discussion…

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Pursuing Righteousness and Profitability in Your Business

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March 2022 Kingdom Business Alliance Meeting Brian:                    I was at one of the first ever big KBA meetings, if you remember, the speaker was from the Business School at Seattle’s University. He had this great book and he asserted that the purpose of business is to allow for the engaging freely, in meaningful work the…

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Building a Foundation of Justice and Righteousness to grow your Business

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According to biblical scriptures, the foundation of God’s kingdom is righteousness, justice, and love. (Psalm 89:14) And I just pulled out, and you could use any app you want, and just do a word search on the frequent reference to justice and righteousness. If we want to bring forth God’s kingdom into this world and…

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