Biblical Selling-Who Actually Needs your Product or Service?

Let’s take a look at this verse from Scripture: 

“Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick. I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners, to repentance.” Mark 2: 17

source: Selling Among Wolves

When I first began my career in sales, I thought that everyone was a prospect for whatever it was that I was selling. I did not understand the first most basic law of selling to “find a need and meet it”. I wasted a lot of time trying to sell something to someone that I had not properly qualified. Let me restate the above Scripture in sales terms… “Those who do not have the problems my product or service solves, have no need for my solution. Only those who truly have a need. I am not sent to make calls on people who do not need my help, but to those who are missing the mark and falling short of the goal. To them I am sent to change their way of thinking so they can receive help.”

Think about this, what does your product or service SOLVE?
What “keeps your prospects up at night”?

When you can dial in to this powerful point and actually solve a problem that already exists for your prospect, they will listen and take action! Of course, this depends on the level of trust and credibility you have established in the marketplace. This can be a matter of years of doing the right thing, or a strategy of Brand Optimization and Reputation Marketing.

Do you agree that if you are selling something that may or may not happen to someone….it is super-hard to succeed?
Here’s an example: What if 3 of your neighbors had their home broken into last week? You were woken up to sirens and police cars 3 nights in a row….would you answer the door the next afternoon when you saw a home-security rep with a clipboard in their hand knocking at your door?
(you, like me, probably don’t typically open the door to the clipboard door-knockers, huh!)

So, there is a distinct need/pain and the probability is VERY high that it will take very little “selling” to close a deal. An honest, ethical educational approach really is all that is needed.

Doesn’t that feel 100% better than learning the top “sales closes”? People will always buy based on trust.


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