Must-Read Articles on Running Christian-Owned Businesses

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Why is Seeking and Understanding the Kingdom so Important.

What is God’s Kingdom? Last month we studied and discussed Why the Kingdom is so...
African American Man Praying

Seeking First Gods Kingdom, Obedience That Leads to Blessing in your Business

One of the biggest corrections that Jesus ever gives is to the teachers and to...
Worship Concept text on background

Why Kingdom of Heaven Understanding is Important for Worshiping and Serving Jesus

Think about the beginning of Jesus' ministry on earth when he's in the wilderness and...
Fake Dictionary, Dictionary definition of the word why.

Why The Kingdom vs. What is the Kingdom

April 2022 Kingdom Business Alliance Meeting This is a topic that has been building for...
Christian Business Growth Strategies

Pursuing Righteousness and Profitability in Your Business

March 2022 Kingdom Business Alliance Meeting Brian:                    I was at one of the first ever...
150 Year Old Bible With Sword

Building a Foundation of Justice and Righteousness to grow your Business

According to biblical scriptures, the foundation of God's kingdom is righteousness, justice, and love. (Psalm...