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I am a Brand Optimization Expert & I help Small Business Owners, specializing with
Accountants & CPA’s, with my copyrighted system: called “CA-TA-SA” to make sure that
your business growth is maximized by: Reputation, Reach, Resell and Referral.
What sets me apart from other business coach is that I combine a personalized
MBA-level marketing strategy AND I implement your marketing plan for you 100% hands free!

Optimizing any of the 4R’s of Reputation, Reach, Resell and Referral can produce an increase of 25% annual business growth, but maximizing all 4 provides a compounding effect with Strategy, Tactics & Execution.
“Knowledge-is-power” is only true when implemented. I can take your marketing strategy and execute it for you 100% hands-free.

☛Are you a Small Business looking for new customers?
I help companies rank at the top of Google because I’ve mastered a technique involving YouTube videos, Google Local Places and Reputation Management giving your brand credibility.
☛I help companies optimize what they are already doing well and amplify the results. Most of the time, there is a tremendous amount of business that falls-between-the cracks due to lack of automated systems and processes, lead followup and brand amplification. I help you stop these leaks in your business which results in new business growth for your bottom line.

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☛Are you a Christian Business Owner?
I have developed an online Virtual Bootcamp designed to help Christian Small Business Owners discover God’s Blueprint for their business. From the foundation of personal, family, health, fitness and finance to developing a Marketing Strategy & Blueprint for their business.
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Marketing Huddle