How Easy is it to be a Christian in Sales?


Selling is powerful because it involves a transfer of trust, but to be noticed we need to stand out from the competition! But how do we do this without being to pushy or without feeling like we are not telling the whole truth about our product or service?

In an article by Dave Kahle called “The Challenge of Being a Christian Sales Person”, he says:

A salesperson, by virtue of the job, is in contact with a lot of people.  That is, after all, the heart of his job.  And each contact and every relationship offers an opportunity to shine just a little piece of God’s providence and love into that situation. By maintaining the perspective of a Christian servant, and tightly clutching an inviolate set of ethics, the Christian salesperson can add light to a set of relationships and transactions that often sorely lack it.

That doesn’t mean that the Christian salesperson should view his customers and contacts as a captive audience for a non-stop barrage of preaching.  That violates the first rule of ethical behavior for a Christian – he needs to do good work, to be a credit to his employer.  By viewing most every contact as an opportunity to preach to the customer, you turn off almost everyone, and rob your employer of your dedicated sales time.

Rather, it means that the Christian salesperson should maintain his Christian orientation in every one of the myriad opportunities that compose a typical day in the life. The challenge is to live out, in all the transactions and interactions, the direction of Colossians 3:17: And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father, through him. 

The job of a salesperson is, if not unique, then certainly exceptional in a number of ways.  First, it is one of the few occupations wherein the salesperson has the ability to decide, every moment of every day, where he will go and what he will do.  Monday morning, the slate is blank.  You can go here or there, see this customer or that prospect.  You can choose to make phone calls, work on a quote, prepare a presentation, or visit a customer.  Virtually unlimited choices.


So how do we make sure that through all of the many points throughout the sales process, we give 100% ethical and honest representations of what we can do to help clients and prospects?

First, we can center our thoughts every day on Jesus and ask for Wisdom to make every decision according to His will. You know that many (if not most) of our decisions during the day are made in a split-second, so we need to constantly focus our thoughts and responses on having the mind of Christ.

When your customers realize that you have their best interest in mind, they will respond favorably to your pitch. Recently I had a business owner tell me about a large franchise ask for a project quote and after researching it they told the prospect that it would not be a good idea to do it the way they wanted because it would cost too much and not provide the results they need. After a few days the franchise called back and had them work on a large project based on recommendations they gave. This came about mainly because of an open and honest exchange during the pitch!

Take a look at your process to make sure that you are delivering the results you desire while pleasing Jesus!



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