June KBA Christian Networking Meeting Steve Foley (Former Denver Bronco) CEO of PetroShare Corp speaks on God’s faithfulness as a Christian Entrepreneur

Jim: Well, we’re excited that when Larry suggested that he might be able to convince Steve Foley to come in and speak to us, my spirit really jumped because I know that we all know of Steve’s background with the Denver Broncos, and that’s exciting in itself. I also have a brief opportunity to spend some time with Steve. Steve is a mature Christian. He’s a man who has lived many years serving the lord. He has a journey and a story to speak about as it relates to following the lord in business and how much more appropriate to come to KBA to share that story.

Steve: Morning. Jim and I met, shoot, it was probably five years ago now. I am excited to be here. Let me just get that out the way. I’m really excited to share what God’s doing in my life at this moment. Since the time I’m 21, it’s been the greatest adventure of my life following Jesus. I mean an adventure. I got a lot of stuff up here because I got notes all over the place. I got … Jim and I went to Larry and Joni Wick’s house, and I was invited to have intercessors pray over me in 2001, I believe.

From that time, the Lord birthed a lot of things. I just give you a brief background. I’m 21 years old, got drafted. I’m from New Orleans, Louisiana, born and raised Catholic. By the time I was in college, did not even believe in God really. I had never seen anyone transformed. I had never heard of a personal relationship with Christ. I’m like, “There is no God. This is a religion. It’s a philosophy. I’m not much for that.” I get drafted out of college by the Denver Broncos. I don’t sign with them. I go to the World Football League. There, I meet a coach. I start getting surrounded by people who are born again

I can’t get away from them, and it is … well, I tried. Believe me, when I’d see Steve Barrios or some other people coming that I knew, I was like, “Stay away.” I get there, and I’m surrounded by so much and the Holy Spirit is pressing in on me. I just put a prayer out. I remember the prayer that I prayed. It was, “God if you are real, and I don’t know that you are, but if you are, and you made this whole world that we live in and all the people and all this stuff … you’re the creator of the universe and you desire to know me, I desperately need to know you. If not, leave me alone and let me have fun while I’m going to play professional football. This is going to be one big party, and it was fun.”

Right after I prayed that, and I mean a day, two days, the Lord began to reveal himself to me in the miraculous. Now, I’ve spent the rest of my life up until this point trying to figure out what happened. God, why did you expose me to the things that you did? I was out with a stomach pull at the time, and I began to read the word of God for the first time in my life. I just took it like a five, seven-year old kid. I just looked at it and said, “It’s real. This is the truth right here.” I had no trouble believing everything I read in scripture. Everything.

Nobody was pouring into me this bent or this doctrine or that. I just read the Scriptures as if they were a love letter to me from God. I’m telling you what. Everybody in this room has a different experience with God, but that is critical is that we don’t know about God. We know Him. I love the fact that this church has all the gifts of the holy spirit, and so many learned men, and I’ve talked to some of them through my brief experience with the Holy Spirit. I was filled with the Holy Spirit not even knowing what it was within three or four weeks of becoming a believer. Nobody laid hands on me.

I ran out of words to praise Jesus to tell him how much I loved him and how thankful I was for what he had done for me. I ran out of words, and he filled me with the Holy Spirit in bed at night. I’m reading about Acts, in Acts, and I’m like, I close that book, and I said, “Wait a second, I don’t want some of what you got. I want it all. I want all that you have to give. Everything. Don’t give me a few things here and there. Don’t let me put you in a box. God, I want to know you, and I want to be known by you.”

He revealed himself to me very quickly. Within 15 minutes, when I started to pray and believe scripture … I was out at the time with that stomach pull that I referenced. It was gone. I was doing spiritual warfare a week old, two weeks old, as a believer. I was doing spiritual warfare. The enemy came against me saying, “You’re an idiot. You’re hurt. You got a pulled muscle. What are you doing? God didn’t tell you that.” The accuser came in fast and furious, but he had revealed himself to me. I heard his voice the first day when I believed.

Let me read … John 10:27, “My sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me.” There’s a lot of people in here with prophetic voices. They hear from God and impart that to other people for encouragement. That night that I went to Larry and Joanie’s, this is when I’m in my 50s, but I have to tell you, back in my 20s, after I accept the Lord, there’s so much to tell. I’m probably going to be jumping around a little bit. I’ll just forewarn you. If you can’t follow me, just stop me.

After I accepted the Lord, I told him this, “If I never play another down of football, I am perfectly fine with that. Perfectly fine, but if I do play, I’ll play for you. Period. I’ll play. I’ll represent you. I want you to play through me as I go about my years and protect me. I’m a little guy.” I’m 190 pounds, about 200 now, but I’m about 190 pounds playing against all these big behemoths, and the Lord has protected me every step of the way.

That set my course when I told him, “Who am I going to follow but you?” I did not know another believer back in New Orleans. Not one. I didn’t know another person. I did know Steve Barrios, and he was really on the west bank of New Orleans, which is really another country. The west band and east bank, it’s another country if you know what I mean.

Anyway, I knew one. That’s it. I said, “Lord, who are you going to give me?” He’s given me thousands of people. Thousands of brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers to follow. At that time, he birthed in me, “You’re going to be working with men.” He gave me an entrée into men’s life. Older men. Businessmen. When I’m in my 20s. It was kind of cool as a 20-year old kid. I’m just telling them what’s in the scripture. They’re like, “Where did you learn this stuff?” I’m like, “It’s just in the Bible. It’s in Scripture.”

It is wisdom. It’s God’s wisdom. It’s Jesus revealed to us, the Living Word. As I started to go through and play, I played football eleven years, loved it. The Lord blessed me mightily every step of the way with my family, but the miraculous was always there. I’ve been healed twice supernaturally. One of them was a little more where I had to walk it out. I’m looking back now, and I’m going, “I know why I had to walk that one out. I had to go through a day, and he told me when I’d step on the field, I’d be healed.” How would you like to hear that one, and you’re out.

We’re playing Cleveland, and they’ve ruled you out of the game because you can’t even jog on Saturday. The Lord tells me, as I’m reading my scripture that night, “I want to heal you for the game tomorrow.” I closed my Bible, and I’m like, “Really?” He goes, “Yeah. When you step on the field, you’ll be ready to play.” I’m like, “Okay.” I heard his voice. It’s one of the main points that I’d like to impart to you this morning is to listen. Get quiet enough to listen and hear God’s voice. He cares about what we do. He cares about where we go every day, what we do.

It’s about His Kingdom. He tells me that I’ll be ready to go. I had to walk that one out. Believe me, that was a faith walk there. I never really thought back about it, but knowing that it’s his voice, it gives you the resolve. I look back, and I say, “Okay.” I walked in the next morning. “Hey, I’m going to try and play.” “You’re out. You can’t even jog.” I said, “I’d like to try it. Just give me a regular little light wrap.” It was my ankle. I had something going on with some tendons or ligaments. They wrapped me with a light wrap.

I went out there, faked it, 100%. It was killing me, and I mean killing me. I walked, and I was doing spiritual warfare. That voice came back again ten times worse. “You blew it this time. You didn’t hear God. You did not hear him. You’re an idiot. You’re hurt. You’re going to make a fool out of yourself. He didn’t tell you that.” I could only say, “Get away. I heard his voice. I know my Father’s voice. He told me that. I trust him above anything that you say. I walk in that. Get away.” This happened all throughout pregame. I’m trying not to run fast because I can’t run fast.

By the way, I’m playing corner and safety, and you’re facing the fastest guys on the field, so that’s not a position that you can be hurt where you can’t run. When I stepped on that field, I told them, “I’d like to try it.” Collier was my defensive coordinator. I stepped on that field. I never felt that ankle again. Again. No, it’s … hey, it’s worth of His praise. You know what that taught me and it teaches me a lot of things going forward. At any time during that walk, I really believed I could have stopped and it would have been okay with the Father. We’re His children, and we’re all on this journey and adventure.

He’s gathering us like little chicks and hens. He’s like, “It’s okay. I was going to show you a miracle, but you stopped. It’s okay.” Like Peter, when he goes out on the water. “It’s okay that you saw your circumstances and you had more faith. You walked for a little bit. It’s okay. There will come a time for that.” There was a time, so there’s a time for me to walk, and I look at that, and I go, “Man, I really believe God would have been okay just to see how far I would have gone, but I got to experience the whole thing. I trusted him.”

Now, don’t go do that if you hadn’t heard his voice. Don’t go say, “I’m just believing this,” and I wouldn’t recommend that. Although, there’s a lot of miracles that happen. I’m talking about for me in that situation would have been bad if I had not heard from God. I’ve been injured a lot of other times where I just got treatment. God never said, “I’m going to heal you,” or anything. I’m sitting there on the field with my right forearm broken, and the Holy Spirit came over me. That’s the only time the Holy Spirit came over me in a football game, when I was hurt.

All He did was, and I wish I would have prayed for more, I said, “Lord, don’t let me get a plate in my forearm,” because if you break the big bone, it’s the radius and the Ulna. The Ulna’s the small one, and it was cut clean through, right above the wrist. I said, “Lord, don’t let me get a plate in my arm.” That radius was broken in about five places, but not displaced. It had a little tooth everywhere. It never gave me one bit of trouble when I came back. I missed that whole year. I wish I would have said, “In the name of Jesus, heal my arm right now, Father.” All I asked for was don’t let me get a plate.

I didn’t get a plate in my arm, and a bunch of guys, you break that radius, they put a plate from your elbow to your wrist, a steel plate. They pin it in there. That scare is all the way up, but the Holy Spirit came over me and said, “Everything is going to be okay,” and he used that powerfully to lead my coach to the Lord, me being out for the whole year. He wound up getting cancer, and I got to be with him every day, just sharing my heart and the gospel to him.

He wound up praying to receive Jesus in the hospital. One of the best years of my life. Had nothing to do with football. That leads me to PetroShare. It’s a business that I’m doing. It’s another dangerous prayer. You get the drift that God’s doing in my life is that, “Okay, you are on an adventure. What will you do?” I remember praying, and I remember asking the Lord, “Have you forgotten about me? At 23, you told me I’d be working with men and businessmen and doing this and doing that. I know you gave me that.” I’m 50 something then, early 50s, and I said, “Have you forgotten me Lord? I’m not seeing you right now.”

All the things that he was leading me through, that he’s leading you guys through, you women through, all those things are culminating to where he’s got you at next. Where he’s got you at next. We don’t like them. I would never have gone through the things that I’ve gone through if I had my own choice, if the Lord didn’t have to say, “This is going to hurt a little bit. Don’t worry about it. This isn’t going to be a painful experience for the next two years of your life if a partner steals from you or anything. Don’t worry about it. You’re going to lose your business. You’re going to get sued. Don’t worry about that stuff.”

I would never choose it. You wouldn’t choose a lot of the stuff that you’ve gone through either, but that is what God is using to form us, to form our character. For the later years, and I think back, “Moses, in his own strength when he was a young man, tried to deliver Israel,” so to speak, “and killed the Egyptian and had to flee.” He was an old man when God called him back. He spent 40 years out there herding sheep. He goes, “I’m not usable. I am not usable, Lord.” “Now, I can use you. I can’t use you and your strength. Steve, I can’t use you in the power of your flesh.”

God’s given us all skill sets, right? All skill sets, all gifts to be used, and we’re using them the best we can. We can make money in a lot of different ways. It’s evidence that there’s so many different occupations here, and I love that entrepreneur. That’s me, an entrepreneur. God’s called me, and I make a little deviation. I’m thinking back, and I’m going, “You know what, I’ve done a lot of things in my life, a lot of different businesses. Mostly real estate development and building.” I said, “Lord, I can make money a lot of different ways. You’ve given me that ability to make a living.” That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do was make a living, support my family. Never had any dreams of trying to be wealthy or anything like that. Although, most of us would say, “Well, if you can give me more or less, give me more.”

It’d probably be better, but I can attest to this. First hand, if money, fame, power, all the things that the world has to offer, if that would add to our happiness, the happiest people on earth would be athletes, movie stars, politicians you name it. All the people that got … they can’t hold it together for anything. I’ve watched them. Unless God breaks you open, like he broke me open. I was going to play in the NFL. I’m on my way up. We still need to be broken before we’ll reach out and take his hand.

It doesn’t have to be that you have to hit the bottom of the barrel. You have to hit that in your spirit. Your spirit has to be broken. By that, when the Lord reveals to you who you really are in the flesh, you get broken pretty easy. He broke me at that time. I was set free to be the person that he designed me to be, not what everybody else thought I should be or the career path that I should have. No. I come and make this paradigm shift, and I said, “Lord, I’ve always just asked you along and said bless what I’m doing.” Okay, I get that. We have skill sets. Someone’s a lawyer, someone’s a doctor, somebody’s an engineer. What are you going to do? You going to be that. Entrepreneur, you can be a lot of different things.

There’s a lot of different jobs that most people go through unless you go into a profession and have a professional degree at law, a doctor, engineer, different things like that. Then, you kind of stay in that vein usually. I asked the Lord for this time in my life … I started … we had an assignment that we would pray over. I want to make sure I have the right amount of time. Oh good. We had an assignment from Derrick Fulmer, who’s our men’s group ministry leader. We’ve been meeting together, our men’s group, down in the south part of Denver for probably eight years now, maybe even more.

He gave us this. Most of the guys didn’t take it seriously. It had, “Do you know what your anointing, calling, meaning, purpose, consecration, your vision, your mission, your commission, your passion, your dream, your perspective, do you know what they are?” I’m like, “I just follow the Lord.” I’m like never really thought about that. Never really prayed into it. For whatever reason, I took it pretty serious. I started …. y’all have heard of Bill Johnson and Bethel and Jesus Culture. I’m sure most of you have. Worship music that is anointed.

We say about a quiet time in the morning. “Yeah, I’ll get up and I’ll read a little bit. I have to get to work.” I started listening to some Jesus Culture and Bethel worship music. It started to get where I’m listening for thirty minutes in the morning, get up early where the Lord would actually wake me up. I’m not an early morning rise by nature. I’m more of a night owl, but he would wake me up and say, “Come on, be with Me. Come on.” I would go into my office and just let the Lord bathe over me.

This started to get a little ridiculous. I spent two hours just worshiping the Lord, just His presence falling over me as I started to say, “Lord, what is my anointing? What’s my calling? What’s my purpose? I’ve never asked You ever what You want me to do. I’ve always just said I could do this and this. That’s my skillset, let me do that.” I asked the Lord, “What do You want me to do?” After listening and cultivating this, this was months where I’d write a line next to anointing where I felt the Lord saying, “Steve, this is who you are. This is what I want you to do.” You’re still like, “How is that going to play out?”

I’m going to just read you some of the notes that I wrote. These are just notes, and I’ll go back and look at these. I went back after three years, and I went, “Oh, my God. I’m doing exactly what was birthed in that worship time with Jesus.” It said, “Anointing.” I put, “I need this over everything. I need this authority power favor to accomplish the vision and mission that You have for me. Without that, I’m in my flesh. I have to have Your anointing Lord.” “Calling.” I wrote what Jesus has called me to do. “He’s called me to do business with a purpose dedicated to allowing the Holy Spirit to invade the workplace. Through prayer, constant surrender, and to see the Kingdom of God expanded through following Jesus and the Holy Spirit’s leading and guiding.”

Really this, “Calling other men to come follow Jesus with me and us in our company to see and participate in what Jesus is doing around the world, not just for me.” This started to take shape. “Purpose. Why, motivation. What’s your motivation? To be a part of advance in the Kingdom of God by surrendering my will to His and to let him work in and through me by the power of the Holy Spirit to walk ad seek after Jesus and watch and be part of the mighty miracles he wants to do.” These are what he gave me, not what I thought for myself.

Just as his presence would bathe over me as I was worshiping just Him for who He is. He started to birth these things. “Mission. Commission. I got for commission, a special assignment of anointing.” We all have assignments right now. They change. How many times has your assignment changed? There’s a season for where God has you, and your assignment has changed. I got for that, “I need his anointing and favor to do this. It’s not about me. It’s about him. Total kingdom work. He knew this was for me. He ordained the good works for me to walk in before the foundations of the world. He knew this. He knew all of these different things that I was going to go through. He knew the failed business deals.”

You’re like, “Lord, I thought you called me to this. This is what came out of it?” He’s saying, “Yeah, I did. All I’m asking you to do is follow me every day. Follow me.” Then, you see it. He told me, I heard his voice say, “What do I want you to do? You’ll know it’s from me because you couldn’t get into it on your own.” I went, “Okay. Really? It’s not going to be my skill set?” He uses our skill sets in different areas, but I’m not an oil and gas guy. Real estate, yeah. I’ve done a lot of real estate. Mostly real estate in my life other than football. Grew up doing it, knew it, the land of comfort.

It’s a comfortable place for me. We all have our comfortable place. The Lord had been grooming me to follow him, and he said, “Now.” I get in touch with a guy named Bill Conrad, who’s in Derrick’s Colorado Springs group. Bill and I start talking. Bill started about 30 public companies, very successful, very anointed as a business man. He goes, “Look, we’re going to start another business. Would you consider?” We’re talking about this, and I’m, for whatever reason, showing him a deal or something. I say, “I’ll think about it.” Then, he starts talking about a public company and this and that.

I said, “Woah, no, no, no. You got the wrong guy here. That’s not in my DNA. That’s not what I am. I don’t want any part of that. I got to be a little free as an entrepreneur. I have to be a little free. That’s just, no.” I hear the Holy Spirit gently whisper, “You’ve been praying for this. I bring it to you on a platter, and you say no.” I go, “Lord, I repent. Forgive me. I’ll think about it.” He goes, “You couldn’t get into oil and gas. There’s no way.” What does the Lord do? He makes me CEO or the company through Bill, and Bill and I started.

We have a team of intercessors, Larry and Joanie, and there are many intercessors out there: Sheila, Sharon, Sammy Alexander is an intercessor that works for us as an administrative assistant, really an office manager. Really, her most critical job, from me, as the CEO, I’m trying to think of an acronym for that because my job, as CEO, is to keep the culture in the company headed towards the Kingdom of God always. That’s it. I am seeing so much miraculous in the company. I’m so excited. I can’t even tell you.

Sammy senses what’s going on in the spirit in our office. She’ll walk in and go, “Steve, we need to pray.” We pray as a company. I’m talking about some guys in their, or church goers, they’re getting sucked into the vortex of a kingdom. I can only tell you, when you treat people … Jimmy Johnson, who was a coach of the Dallas Cowboys, who built up a dynasty, was an industrial psychologist by training. He knew that if he could have a guy that understood that he was loved and cared for and the single biggest predictor if one of those rookies was going to make the team was if he knew his name. If he would call him out and say, “Hey, Michael, you had a good day at practice.” A young rookie walking off the field.

He knew that this guy’s spirits would be buoyed. It would give him confidence. It’s what the father does with us. He calls us by name. We don’t want to accept it, because it’s the past that’s happened to us. We don’t know how crazy he is about each one of us and about the exploits he wants to do in us for our families, for our children. He’s so gentle and loving. That first night that I was prophetically prayed over, I have to tell you, I did not want to go. I did not want to go, because I said, “I think God’s going to read my mail. I don’t know what I’ve been doing, but I don’t want everybody to know any little deal that I’m doing.”

When I got there and Jim Barthel was there with me, we were on the hot seat, and as the prophetic words were uttered over us, I could only do one thing. Weep. It was the sweetest presence of the Lord that I have ever encountered. It’s indescribable what the presence of the Lord was that night. Yet, our minds go, “Oh, no. God’s not pleased with you.” I even told him. I said, “Stop. I can’t take anymore. I can’t take the sweetness of the Holy Spirit. I can’t.” I was just weeping. That’s all I could do.

It was just the most beautiful thing that I’ve ever encountered. God spoke what he thinks of me. That is really changed my life. I wish for all of you to have that experience. Not once, but many times. I can tell you I’ve had that experience again as the Lord bathed over me in worship. You know when you walk into church and a beautiful song hits you? He inhabits the praises of his people. The Lord is there in worship. It’s why those songs touch our spirit. Whatever ones they are for you, it’s what they do. They open our soul to the Lord and to the Holy Spirit.

That night, when the Lord spoke what I was to Him, it was like, “Are you kidding me?” I try and spend my time letting people know what God thinks of them. He thinks the same thing. We just don’t think it of ourselves. I understand why. We’re fallen. We got the flesh to deal with every day, but I can tell you. He is crazy about us. He wants to lavish himself on us. He’s asking us to listen for his voice, to come on. Listen. “When you hear me, the critical thing is obedience. Are you going to walk it out? Are you going to walk? Are you going to be faithful? That’s your part, but I’m going to bless your socks off.

I don’t mean prosperity wise. I mean I am going to bless your spirit to where you can’t stand it anymore, you can’t contain it. You have to tell people about Him. In everything that I’m talking about is that his name would be high and lifted up in all that we do. He’s given me a boldness from that time on to share with businessmen. I’m telling you, it’s melting. I’m seeing this almost on a daily basis now, what God’s called. When you get a group of men who are focused on kingdom perspective, on Jesus, on the kingdom, “Lord, what are you doing?” Oil and gas. The worst time you could possibly go into it, we did an IPO, initial public offering, in last November, and oil prices were just tanking.

I’m going, “Oh, no. Lord, the one thing I know is you called me to this. If you don’t bring it, I’m okay with that. It doesn’t get done. If you don’t bring the provision. If you don’t bring the projects, the people, the provision, bring your presence. There’s nothing I can do. I’m walking after you. I can only do what I can do. I do my best, but Lord, we do this at our company.” That is the tip of the spear. That’s the Holy Spirit, the Father, the Son. We get in behind. We don’t get out in front. We wait.

It’s painful to wait in business. It’s painful, but we’ve watched the miraculous to the point the guys that are geologists for 35 years and engineers for 35 years are going, “God is doing miraculous things.” All in. When people see the miraculous and the supernatural, they’re attracted. Jesus said it Himself, “If you don’t believe me for who I say I am or who you think I am, believe me for the works that I do.” The supernatural works. It’s all he ever was. It’s all he ever is, it’s all he ever will be, is supernatural. He can’t get away from his nature.

He is that in all of us. We have to get out the way, let him go, we did that IPO, we raised 4.6 million. Our investment banker told us, “You’re not going to raise it. Nobody out there is getting in oil and gas.” They wanted to do this and that. Bill Conrad said, “No, we’re going to raise it that way.” The Lord brought them. I got to tell you, after a year or two, and Sammy will vouch for this, there’s some hard days in there walking by faith. I’m going, “Lord, I don’t like walking by faith every day. I need some margin. I need some breathing room.” I always said, “I will. I will walk by faith. I get to tell the story of how great you are. I get, as CEO of our company, to tell the story.”

I’ve told everybody in our company, “My stories are your stories. Your stories are my stories. All of your stories are each other’s. We’re to tell of the greatness and the goodness of God. We’re to tell how great he is. We’re to remind each other continually how great our God is.” I’m on this adventure. PetroShare is public since November. We’re getting deals that I’m looking, and the last thing I want to tell you is the Lord took me through. He said, “Go back and read about Elijah and Elisha.” I had never really taken the time to read just that.

I went back and read it. This was when oil prices, before they started to drop. About six months before. When Elijah and the prophets of Baal starts to taunt them. He says, “Where’s your God?” He’s laughing at him and taunting him. 400 prophets against one. Then, the Lord says, “Douse your alter with water. It will be no mistake who’s doing this. This isn’t you. There will be no mistake.” A couple of things out of that story, though, is that God does one of the greatest, miraculous things, consumes that by fire, and then Jezebel tells Elijah, “By this time tomorrow, you’ll be as the prophets of Baal.” What does Elijah do after one of the greatest miracles? He flees. He’s terrified

He’s terrified after seeing this. That’s us. It’s one of the greatest miracles. If God had one that, we’d like to say we would walk forevermore. Within 24 hours, he’s fleeing for his life wishing he’d never been born going, “Oh, my God. There’s no one left but me.” He’s scared to death of Jezebel. Yet, God said to me, after six months watching these prices go down on oil and gas, he said, “Steve, I’m dousing your alter. There will be no doubt who does the raising, who does the building of this company. It won’t be you. It won’t be the men in your company. You just walk. Walk behind.” I watched the miraculous happen as the Lord said, “This is mine. We’re going to build this, and you’re going to get to tell the stories of me.”

If anybody thinks of an acronym that I can remember for CEO, I’m not the typical CEO, but I do get to run an incredible culture and set the culture from the top down and encourage other businessmen like yourselves, “Submit your companies to God. Ask him, ‘Lord take it over.’ What do you want me to do? How can I be impactful in the marketplace?” He’s bringing kingdom men, businessmen to the top in this time to be in the marketplace, to take care of ministry and other things. He’s doing that.

One of the things that we did is we implanted inside our business with shares of stock, that one of our largest shareholders, all the founders, we gave stock to a ministry. It’s KBLM, Kingdom Building Leaders Ministry worldwide, and we gave them stock. They’re one of our largest shareholders inside the business. They pray for us. It’s vital. Whenever anything’s happening, whenever anything is going on with our company … “Hey, we’re going to raise money.” I call Larry and Joanie. I text them, and I say, “We need your prayers. We function with that.” This isn’t about me or anybody.

You need to pray for who you’re going to bring, who God’s going to bring. The money, the projects, and we need a team around us. They’ve been a faithful team around us from the very get go, and some of the prophetic things are just off the charts about this company. Even before we started, what God was doing with this. I just want to encourage you men. I hope it was an encouragement for you to get a loan with the father, with Jesus, and the holy spirit, and to seek his presence. Seek his presence in your life.

I’m telling you, it’s the sweetest thing that I have ever experienced. I’ve been in times of worship where I said, “It doesn’t get any better. If it does, you may as well take me up now. Take me up now.” Yet, it’s going to be a hundred thousand million times when we see the king face to face in eternity. It will be … we will fall down on our faces to worship what he’s done. My prayer for you is that you would experience his presence, you would listen to his voice, you would hear him speaking softly in that small, still voice, and that you would be obedient.

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