KBA Meeting February 2015-The WAY to WIN your business super bowl. Jim Barthel, MT2 & Mike Saunders Marketing Huddle

We had a wonderful meeting in February and if you missed it, or would like to review the content, we have the video and transcript here!


Jim:                  Welcome to our February meeting. Hard to believe it’s already February. It seems like we were just together, and it was right after January, right after the holiday. I don’t know about you, but our February is so busy. I’m talking to people like it’s already March. I don’t know what happened to February in my calendar, but we’re moving along.

We’re sure excited to come in. I was telling Doug as I was preparing this morning for our talk, I really didn’t have any trouble getting motivated. I was like, “Well of course.” You’re talking about God. You’re talking about the way, and you’re talking about football. If you were to throw in my wife and my children into that, what more is there, right?

There might be a few other things. I don’t know. Anyways, we’re excited. Mike and I are going to try to tag team this. I think we have a good message building off of what we were talking about last month. We’ll just jump in and get started. The title was Follow the Way to Win Your Business Super Bowl. Mike and Doug and I talked about KBA and we thought that this was a great message.

When we’re in business, there ought to be a goal, a high goal. In fact, there ought to be multiple goals, but there ought to be the ultimate goal in your career and in your business. There ought to be an excitement about the journey, about going from where we are to where we want to go as part of that goal. There is a way to get there.

When you think about the Super Bowl, it has a lot of similar aspects to it. Fortunately for me as far as relating to the Super Bowl and maybe for you too is … I haven’t lived in Denver for so long now. I’ve been a big Broncos fan for a long time. I’ve been to pretty much most of every big game the Broncos have played in the last 30 years. Certainly, I’ve been through the heartbreak of the ’80’s, the highs of winning in Cleveland and the lows.

I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the Super Bowl in San Diego. This is my ticket when John Elway won his first Super Bowl. I must tell you that that was right up there. It is still one of my best days. It was a very exciting weekend and a very exciting game. Again for me as trying to tie this business pursuit in the Super Bowl is fairly easy.

What I wanted to start with is I think it be important that as we go through this, at some point, I think God wants us to think outside of our day to day lives, think outside of the struggles you might be facing right now or even the successes. He wants you to think about what does your Super Bowl look like. That’s really what this message is about is each one of us, God has created us for success. He’s given us skills and talents to achieve something.

I think sometimes we set our sights too low, and so at the end of this talk, what I’m hoping is that the Holy Spirit will have spoken to you and re-encourage you as to what does your Super Bowl look like. In fact if you don’t mind, we’ll just pray for a second.

Father, we thank you for your word and your way. We just pray that each and every person here would hear your voice as to the direction, as to the way, and as to this Super Bowl type achievement that you have in store for them. We only seek your work now, in Jesus’ name.

For us in business, I thought this was also an interesting time is that we’re really close to one of our Super Bowls. I really hadn’t realized that when we’ve selected the target. I don’t want to spend too much time on that, but I only want to draw some analogy to it, because I think that it will help maybe stir up something inside each of us or stir up something that we might be able to talk to somebody else about, whether it’s a co-worker or a boss or a child or somebody we know who might need encouragement.

For us, our Super Bowl is occurring as one of the largest clients we’ve ever served. In fact, it’s twice the size of any client that we’ve ever served before. It’s an extremely high visible project. For us as we go about providing environmental construction services in the field, one of our reasons for being is that we like to glorify God. We like to bring righteousness and justice and cleansing to the land.

This site happens to be part of a huge EPA forced cleanup action. It involves a lot of government people. It involves the state of Florida. It involves a major company out of Canada.

As we look at this opportunity, it’s like, “Wow. This is exactly what we get excited about.” We get to bring know-how, and integrity, and service to a situation. We get to help establish a righteous outcome in this lawsuit. We get to highlight the way we do work to some of the largest influential government institutions in this country both on a federal and state level.

We get to hire a bunch of people. We get to go in there and do a good job. We get to work in Florida in the winter, which is … how does it get better than that? I say that because you have something too. God’s been working in your life for a long time, some people longer than others. He has something in store for you.
We could do it the old fashion way. In this talk, I’m going to talk about three things. I’m going to talk about the Super Bowl and how it ties to business. We’re going to talk about the way, and then we’re going to talk about the beginning where we all need to start before we enter the way of why. As far as the Super Bowl in business, I have some observations and lessons. I think, you’ll agree with these.

It’s the ultimate experience for victory or loss from a cultural standpoint for many people in this country in particular. With that in mind is there’s an ultimate experience for you in your career and in your business, and that there’s a few times in life where winning and losing is so well-defined. Many times in life, “You didn’t get this deal or that didn’t quite go right, but that’s all right. I got another deal.”

When we talk the ultimate experience, it’s either the highest high or the lowest low, and there’s no middle ground. There’s no tie in the Super Bowl, right? I think that’s true in our experience. I think it challenges us. It’s certainly one of the highest achievements, but as we look at what goes into it and as you watch from the outside and stayed, one, it requires a very solid plan. This is a multi-year plan.

Just like in your job, in your career, God’s been working on you for many years. It’s that combination of years and experience and dedication that allow us to achieve that success. It requires a solid foundation. Look at the winners of the Super Bowls pretty much over the last 30 years, how many of them just stumbled into the Super Bowl and found their way. I would say Denver maybe in the ’80’s, but that didn’t turn out so good.

I think it requires a solid foundation. Just like that for our plan, for our business, it requires a solid foundation, a dedicated plan and execution to it. Quite frankly as Doug was talking about the Super Bowl, if you saw it, it requires a fortunate set of circumstances. It comes down to the last play and Coach Carroll makes a call. That decides the ultimate high and the ultimate low.

You talk about a circumstantial situation. I think of for us too is that winning that deal or advancing and buying that company or getting the right job, there is some favor. There is some fortune if you would associate it with that. It’s important to buy-in, to understand that. Usually, it’s all in. Part of our encouragement here today is that not all of us are going to want to target out ultimate success or our Super Bowl.

At the end of this, I really encourage you to pray about, “Are you ready to target what that is? Are you ready to go all in?” For most of our lives, we go 80% in, but we have a plan B. Well, if that doesn’t work out, Rick goes and he tries to get a new client. Well, that client doesn’t work out. I always got the one I have now.

In your own circumstance, you can think about that. I think, to win the Super Bowl of the business, you have to be all in just like this. There is no plan B. By the way, if you are successful in your Super Bowl because when you watch the actual Super Bowl … Russell Wilson after he won last year, immediately after the game, he said that he was thinking about how he’s going to win next year. There’s always a repeat to it as well, but the repeat becomes possible because of the foundation and the plan and the heritage and the other things that were there.

As far as the business lessons, as I thought about it clearly, for anything substantial like that … I could think about … There was a time when I was in my 30, early 30’s, part of a large $5-billion to $7-billion contract. I was 30 years old. I was a key member of the team, and we won. Talk about fortune to be in the right place at the right time, but I thought about all the people, all the experts that came in to make that possible.

Then you think about, “Well, there are people that work within you, within your company, around you, but there are for instance free agents.” If you look at the teams that went today, they have a bunch of free agents. Free agents are great because they bring in this super duper amount of talent and skill, but free agents are difficult to manage because they’re really not committed as much as somebody who’s been there a long time.

For us in the business world, we’re dealing with free agents all the time. Some of our clients are free agents. Some of our suppliers and subcontractors and others are free agents. Part of the challenge is how do we get an alignment in place for those that are more intimate with us versus those that just show up with for a big paycheck with their expertise and then take off.

Clearly when you look at the assessment and the survey and the performance assessment that goes into running a football team is … I don’t think there’s anything comparable. They’re critiquing every player, every game with video. There’s no hiding. When an offensive lineman misses a block, it’s for everybody to see.

I think that in our business, in our career, it shows us something too is that if you want to be excellent, you’ve got to measure it. You’ve got to observe it. We can’t be afraid to recognize any areas we need to improve. I encourage us to be thinking about how we’re doing that on an ongoing basis. Lastly, as I said before, is that when you look at teams that win this, especially the Patriots this year, they were built to win.

They lost in the AFC Championship last year in Denver, great game, but Bill Belichick and the team went out, and he plugged the holes that he had. They were built to win. They’ve been built to win for decades. Go through the great teams of the past, they were all built to win. They took the time and they made the effort. I ask us, “Are you built to win? Have you put in the time, put in the energy? Have you aligned yourself with the people you need to be aligned with, and put your plan together to win?”

Not everyone will do that. How many teams are there? There’s 32 teams. I think if you were to probably look at all those teams, there’s probably only a handful of team that really truly put everything in and are built to win. Just like us, when we work around people, when we work with businesses, very few are built to win, very few make that effort.

The last one that I want to highlight is it takes time. It’s very rare to see anybody in any of the sports all of a sudden win the championship. It’s a multi-year process of almost getting their heartbreak, loss. Go back, restructure, and do it. The same thing with you and I is we’ve had our heartbreaks. We’ve had our disappointments, but those are a building block. I just encourage you, if you’re doing your time, keep doing it.

Of course as we’ve heard throughout the years now is that it’s an integrated life. It’s not just about the business. It’s about the personal side as well. I think everyone here realizes, you can’t separate your personal way and walk from the business side. Next diagram, I don’t know if this shows up very well. It was a idea I had. Hopefully it makes sense to you.

How many folks came up from the tech center? How many people came from Westminster and Northglenn or to the north? How many came from Golden? What you see here are you see these different lines all converging on Faith Bible Chapel. We all came from different places. Right now, we’re all together. Now, this assumes we all need to go catch a plane. If you do Google Maps, you could see there are multiple ways to get to DIA.

I think that’s a reflection of God’s plan when we talk about our own business or our careers. That we have our past and we have our current situation, and we’re gathered together. You are gathered together with people you work around with and clients you work around with and other relationships, but you have a destination. Unfortunately, many of you yet haven’t written down what that destination is. I encourage you to think about that and do it.

Then part of getting to that destination is there are multiple ways to get there. This is just an illustration to reconfirm that there are multiple ways that we can take to get to the destination. Jesus spoke about in John 15. I’m sure you all remember the scripture about the vine and the branches, and that we are the branches and He is the vine, and how we can do nothing without being in Him.

What that was referring to is a relational intimacy. It’s about not just taking the steps to get there, but it was about being in a relationship with Jesus to know the way to go. I don’t know if you realize this. I’ve been studying quite a bit of the early church history. Did you all realize that the early followers of Yeshua? He was known as the way. Did you guys know that?

I did a little research. I think you might find this interesting is when you look at the Old Testament and the prophets, and it goes all the way back to Noah. Genesis says, “They walk with God.” There’s a scripture that says, “But those who act justly, love mercy walk humbly.” You can go on and on. “There is the way of the wicked,” Proverbs 15:9, “and the way of the righteous.” “To walk in all His ways,” Deuteronomy 11.

There is a path of God’s commands in the course of the just, but there is a counterfeit way which seems right to a man but in the end leads to death,” Proverbs 14. “Ask where the good way is and walk in it,” Jeremiah. You can just go through. Do a Google search or do a search on your Bible on “the way”. All these things, you’ll start to realize a lot of the scripture is written about this idea of the way.

Of course now with Jesus is that in the Sermon of the Mount, He talks about the broad way that leads to destruction, and the narrow one that leads to life. In John, he says, “I am the way, the truth, and the light.” I didn’t know this. That when they found the Dead Sea scrolls … You guys are familiar with the Dead Sea scrolls. They found it in Qumran. The community there, do you know what they called themselves? The way, isn’t that cool?

In fact, the Hebrew word for repentance … I’m not good in Hebrew. It’s teshuvah, suggests the idea of turning around and going back to the way. I think part of the message that we want to show is in order to get to the Super Bowl and to win the Super Bowl, the way is the key to success and achievement. Many of us short circuit the amount of time or cut short the amount of time we put into the way.

In fact, when you look at the definition in the Old Testament of way, and yes the way, the path, the route, and the road. This is the cool part. It’s the journey. It’s the conduct of the way of life. In order to get to this highest achievement, we need to put more focus in those areas. As we talked before, there is a convergence of the team of people with alike mind and heart.

I got ask you, “Are you aligned? Are you partnered? Are you working with people of like mind and heart?” It’s the key to getting to your success area. In scripture, always acknowledge Him. He gives you the straight pass. This is a cool one is that when Moses was crying out to the Lord for forgiveness after the Israelites went off the way and built the golden calf, I always find this fascinating, Moses’ primary prayer is, “God, show me, teach me your ways so that I may know you and that you would be glorified through your people.”

Even Moses who had a close relationship with God, it started with, “Teach me your ways.” When we know His ways, then we know Him. Then it becomes easier to follow that way.

What are the business lessons for this? The first one that came to mind is that in the scriptures and when we look at the patriarchs, and when you look at keys of success whether it be in business or in sports like the Super Bowl, you’ve got to have the foundation in place. When you go on to a site and own your property … How many of you own property?

There is a marker, a survey monument that marks your property. When you go to any place, when we go to a site, the first thing you do in order to establish the site is you find that monument survey marker, and you build from there. Until you find that marker, you can’t go anywhere. It’s the same in our career and our business. You have to have some kind of monument, some kind of fixed marker that you can always go back to that says, “Well, this is my foundation. This is where I start. If I get lost, how do I know how to get back on track? I have to go back.”

That can be as part of the relationship with God, as part of your calling, what makes you unique, what makes your business unique, what makes your career and how you’re going to serve unique. If you haven’t identified what’s that unique one thing, I really encourage you to think back about that. Here’s another example that I think is huge that I’ve seen. How many of you are asking God to help and guide you in your business or career?

How many of you face obstacles? What I start to see as I pay attention more, maybe you already figured this out, it takes me a while sometimes. The obstacles that show up aren’t really the problem. What I find when I look behind the obstacle, it’s God showing me what needs to be addressed in order to advance. I’ve seen this in so many ways.

If there’s an issue with a client and the client is complaining about something, I’ve learned now to listen. Some of it might be just whatever frustration or he had a bad day or whatever, but I tell you more times than not, there is a nugget in there of something we need to do better. I encourage you; stop thinking about the things that come up. You want to go serve this client. You want to finish this job, and this comes up or that comes up. Stop looking at that as the problem.

It’s not the problem. It’s your solutions, because God can’t build in your life on a broken foundation. He has to have a solid foundation. He wants you to have a solid foundation. He wants to grow it beyond what we can even imagine. He wants us to achieve that highest success, but what happens is we don’t want to take the time. We don’t want to embrace the struggle in trying to figure out, “How am I going to fix that problem?”

What happens is we pray for advancement. He gives us the opportunity to fix what’s broken and to learn what needs to be learned, but we don’t want to enter into that to solve the problem. Guess what? Go back. In Isaiah 1 and 2, it’s a pretty fascinating scripture that … This is to encourage us. It might be to encourage somebody you know. Isaiah’s writing where God of course is frustrated with the Israelites. Is that news?

I come to realize that now. This is a cool interpretation of it. Basically in Isaiah 1, it says, “They have forsaken the Lord and have spurned the Holy One of Israel turned their backs on Him.” You say, “Oh, I don’t turn my back on God.” Be careful. Sometimes unintentionally, I find maybe I’ve turned my back on God. It goes on to say, “I have no pleasure in the blood of bulls and lambs and goats when you’d come to appear before me. He who has asks this of you, stop bringing meaningless offers.”

These are pretty significant warnings. Have we ignored God? Are we not listening? Are we not following His way? Then are we just trying to buy our way out of obedience? The Lord says, “I will hide my eyes from you. Even if you offer many prayers, I will not listen.” It goes on. If our prayers aren’t being answered, there is some indication of areas to look at.

He says, “Okay, how do you get over it? Make yourselves clean. Take your evil deeds out of my sight. Stop doing wrong. Do right. Seek justice. Encourage the oppressed. Defend the case of the fatherless. Plead the case of the widow.” Why do I bring that up is because I think that if we’re going to follow the way and Jesus shows us the way, we’ve got to be honest with ourselves both from a personal standpoint and from a business standpoint.

Are we ignoring God? What are we doing that’s not righteous? We talked a couple of months ago is I don’t have any more favor in God than Larry does. Just because I walk with God doesn’t mean that I can be unrighteous, unjust, unfair in my business dealings with Larry. It doesn’t work that way. We’re to seek the righteousness and justice.

I talked about this job we have in Florida. That’s one of the main things we get to bring to the situation. Not that we’re perfect because we’re not perfect. We’re still learning, but out heart is set on bringing righteousness and justice to that situation. Isaiah 2 goes on, and you remember this because I think it talks about the last days. This is a great picture of the way that Jesus is teaching us.

“That is that at the end days, the people will come to the Mount Zion and they will seek the Lord.” It goes on to say that, “He will teach us His ways so that we may walk in His past. He will judge between the nations.” This is the cool part. “He will settle disputes among many people.” Maybe your business is different than my business, but there are always disputes.

There’s always either an employee thing that we’re trying to work through and make right. There’s always a supplier thing or somebody is not happy. There’s always a client thing where there is a contract. We do thousands of contracts every year, and somebody didn’t fully understand one of the terms in the contract. It always comes up.

Does that make the person that we’re in a disagreement with wrong and unrighteous and unjust? No, that’s just the way of life. It’s a complex exchange of services and support. Do you find that true in your walk in the business world? There’s always some kind of thing that has to be resolved. What I see here is God recognizes that as part of our walk in business. He says, “Let me settle those disputes. Bring them to me.”

We have a huge one going on right now with a potential subcontractor on this job, and we just find them to be totally unrighteous in their approach to the job. There are those companies that sell you something at a low price, but then they add on all these extras in our business chains orders. I think that’s what maybe this company is off to do. We’re just drawing the lines. We’re not going to go there.

That’s not the way we do business. We don’t want to be aligned with you. Of course we all know that if it’s my way, then that’s pride. If it’s His way, then we can trust Him. One good test that I was thinking about that we could do each of us to figure out what is the way in the Super Bowl, take yourself out of the equation. Take your business or your job or what you’re serving, and ask what wouldn’t be done in the kingdom of God.

If Mike weren’t supporting his clients, what wouldn’t get achieved? If you can answer that question, then I don’t think you understand what the primary purpose and calling of your life is. Again, is it righteousness? Is it justice? Is it a high-level of service? There is something that you are uniquely bringing forth. To be on as Jesus’ leadership team which I think came from might is you got to figure out what that is.

There are some high-level achievements for you. There’s a way to get there, and there’s a way not to get there. I think we want to be on the right way. It all begins with “why”, which is what we were talking about. It comes with alignment. What is that Super Bowl for me, for your company? What’s your motivation? Deep down, you got to bring this before God.

Is it pride? Is it that I want to be able to show my family or whatever how great a success I am? Is it the deal? I’m going to talk later on about some of these warnings. I’ve seen plenty of situations, and I’d find myself sometimes that competitive spirit is that, “Well, there’s a deal out there.” We go to an opportunity, bid meeting. There’s 10 other competitors. “I want that deal. I’m going to do whatever I can to get that deal.”

Sometimes, I think that might be a wrong motive. What am I bringing forth? The right motive might be is that, “Well, we have the perfect set of skills and talents to provide a high-quality service to that client so that he gets his needs met or she gets her needs met.” God gets glorified because they’ll recognize that we did it righteously, justly without change orders, and doing it right the first time.

That’s a right motive. That’s the right motive to go try to serve that client and win that job. What’s your motive? 1 John 1:9 … I know it’s important to read that one. Sometimes in our relationship with God, you and I will be shown something by the Holy Spirit that we need to work on. We bring it before God. We repent. We ask God to help us get over that.

There are some times where we’ll bring our deeds in and say, “Oh God, did you see what I did today to my wife or to my husband or to a co-worker or something?” Have you guys done that? I think you’re like me. God is constantly showing me some things like this, but rarely will we take the time to bring the why we’re doing it to God as I just mentioned the motivation.

I think if we’re to truly get on the way to this achievement of success, we got to begin with God saying, “God, I want to serve that client. I want to grow this business. I want to do these things,” and then say, “God, I think I want to do it to glorify you, but there might be something in there that seeks my own pride, that seeks my own greed that I want to take the proceeds from that and do something that you don’t want me to do.”

You don’t have to do that. You don’t have to do any of this stuff. None of this has to get done, but if we’re going to be on the way and you want to achieve the greatest success that God has instore for you, I think we have to do some of this if not all of this. We have to bring our why before God. As I said before, I know think we’ve got to memorialize this why as well. We got to write it down. Maybe it’s in your mission statement so that everyone around you sees that, and you can share it with the people you’re working with.

You’ve got to be able to go back to that because life is fast. Oh my gosh, right? It’s so fast. Things are happening so quickly with issues and everything else. I get off track sometimes, but sure it’s nice to be able to pull that card out or go back and say, “Oh yeah, OK, that’s where I start. This is my area.”

Especially if you’re in a storm, if something really has hit you from the side you didn’t expect and you just feel uncertain and not certain your feet are on firm foundation, it’s nice to be, “I will go back to that.” That’s why you got a memorialize it I believe.

The business lessons in this area, again that deal blindness, pursuit win it all cost, a strength and a weakness. Your strength can become a weakness, that strong focus to get that job done or to win that client or whatever. I can get really, really, really focused to strength, but sometimes, that really focus alienates people. It doesn’t honor God. I got to work on that.

I don’t know. What about you? The unjust gain, this is one that the Lord showed us a few years back. That is that I believe for following the way of Yeshua, the word of God that there is a gain to be gained from doing a service and providing a product or whatever, but there’s a warning too. That is that if you take advantage of somebody or take advantage of a client in some way or take advantage of a worker, there is an unjust gain rule that comes into play. It’s tied in with greed.

That is that there is honest weights and measures. As I provide something to Larry at X, and yet then Terry comes in, and tomorrow I’ll sell it to him for 2X because he needs it more, I think that’s the problem. I don’t believe that that’s God’s heart. I know it’s not. God showed us that. About 10 years ago is we had a client come in. They were desperate for a service, and we needed the work, but we thought, “Oh wow, this guy is desperate. We’ll give him our premium price.”

We started to do that. We almost lost the deal. We did need the work. I was praying, “God, I really need this.”The Holy Spirit reminded me. It’s like, “I brought you that client. Now you’re going to take advantage of him.” It’s very important when we go about serving, you’ve got to establish a fair price and a fair gain for the price that you’re offering. You got to bring that before God because there’s a lot of complexity.

Why do some attorneys get $500 an hour? There are some reasons that certain prices are high and certain prices are low. You have to go through that analysis to make sure that it’s a fair price. Then of course unequally yoked is the more I’ve been in business, the longer I see is that if you’re going to follow the way in your intimate circle, you can’t be unequally yoked. I’m sorry.

I’ve done it. I’ve justified it, and it doesn’t work. You can’t get to where God wants you to go unequally yoked. You could disagree with me. That’s fine, but you can’t do it. Then of course you’ve had success in your life. I remember somebody was talking about Seattle’s chance of repeating. There was one of the old NFL coaches that had been there and done that and repeated. He said, “Here is the biggest problem to repeat. It’s that everybody in the organization now believes they need a raise from the star football player to the secretary to the whoever else in the organization, because we’re now world champs.”

“I need a raise. It was because of me. Therefore, all of a sudden, that alignment and that team effort that got you there is now dissolved.” I thought, “What a great warning.” Lastly, this is a picture of obviously a very powerful river and waterfall. I spoke just last month on this. It’s that when we have the right why, when we follow the right way, then success is not because of what we’re doing.”

You’re right here. Is there anything going to stop that? There’s nothing going to stop it. Absolutely, nothing can stop you. That’s the message. I hope that we could share this with others. I hope that we’ll pray about it ourselves, and think through some of these reasons why. I know this group and the people associated with it can achieve that Super Bowl victory. It’s within you, and you know the way. When you spend time, you’ll have the “why”.

We have Mike in a follow up with another aspect to this.

Mike:               Built to win, I love that point that Jim made because it really makes you think, “Are you ready to win?” There’s a quote that I love. Maybe you guys have heard this before. It said, “You need to build capacity in advance of demand.” Have you guys ever heard that one before? Build capacity in advance of demand, which means that the contract Jim spoke of, if he had himself and a secretary bid that job and got it, could they complete it?

Nope because the capacity wasn’t there, capacity personnel wise, capacity experience wise. In our lives and business, how can we build capacity getting ready for God to bring the Super Bowl in our business? I would submit to you that there needs to be capacity built in business. You need to look at aspects of your business.

How is your customer service? You know what, that could be a bigger hole in your bucket if you’re doing a lot of marketing in sales and all the right things, and you get a client in, and your customer service is poor. Now, all of a sudden, that negates all your hard work. How can you build capacity in your business? How can you build capacity in your personal life?

If you sleep two hours a night and you’re running 100 miles an hour every single day, do you think that you are even in the mindset of doing your best work? No. I just think that’s a huge, huge point to think about. My first slide, and these are just a very few slides here. How to win your Super Bowl? One thing, no plan B, implement, that’s what I’m going to talk about.

Remember this movie? Where did that come from? [City Slickers], Curly says, “One thing.” Where should you focus 100% of your energy? Now, 100% of your energy doesn’t mean everything else is ignored. That doesn’t mean 100% of your energy for the rest of your career or the rest of the year.
Remember last time when I talked about biblical goal setting. If you missed it, you want to watch it again. Remember it’s on the website, the video is, the transcript, the downloads, Jim’s talk. These slides will be on there today. A couple of the handouts that I have are on there as well. Remember to go to the website. Under the media tab, you can see this.

What we talked about is that there are different pillars in our life, business, spiritual, relationships, health, money. When you can work on these areas, can you give 100%? I give 110%. It’s a nice little cliché saying, but it’s impossible. You can’t give 110% literally. Can you give 100% in all of these areas at the same time, and be effective? No.

Maybe part of your way and part of your plan, your overall 30,000-foot view should be, “Lord, I feel you’re telling me I need to work on this area, and this area, and this area. Maybe my 100% focus this one thing is with the first quarter.” Don’t you know that if you get something really dialed in well, it doesn’t take that much work to maintain it. Then you come back to it two, three quarters later, and you can do another little tweak and see where you’ve come because you need to evaluate, like Jim said, survey.

No plan B. Jim mentioned that. That’s a quote from John Elway. You can look it up. I found it online. That’s where I found that picture. How would you like to be Wade Phillips? Wow! What is John Elway’s goal for the Broncos? One thing, give me that Super Bowl. Kubiak more so as the head coach!

Having no plan B means you’ve got that one thing in mind. Like Jim said, you’re not just wish you’re one step in and on the fence. You are all in. You’re jumping with both feet. The other quote that I like is Yoda’s, “Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.” If we could project our self into the locker room of the Super Bowl for either team, do you think the coaches said, “Hey, give it a good try today?”

For real, do you think that they were just trying? In the back of their mind they’re like, “What am I going to do afterwards because we are in this cool town?” They were all in. In our business when we pick that one thing we’re going to focus on, and we’re going to try at that. In one sense, why bother? You’re not going to get anywhere.

My background is marketing. Has anyone done a direct mail campaign? One time, you didn’t get the results and now you are to quit. You can’t do that or anything. A leadership training program in your business, did you have one meeting and go, “That didn’t work?” What did you expect? Did you go to the gym one time and expect to look like whoever or drop 30 …? No.

When we have that mentality of, “There’s no plan B because I choose that one thing. I’m not going to try. I’m going to do it.” If you get 100% and focus on that one thing and you get really, really close to that, and maybe you didn’t get that Super Bowl ring but you really got close, it’s better than sitting on the sidelines with the remote control.

In our business, in our life, in whatever category that we’re focusing on, we need to have that mindset of having no option but to win. My last point here is on the website right now are these two documents. I think that part of what we need to be thinking about is … Have you ever heard of the phrase “knowledge is power”? Well, that’s a falsehood because knowledge is potential power.

You got to implement that knowledge. You can have the way. If I came in and had some inside knowledge of your business, and I said, “Here is the blueprint for success, and you look at it and said, “Yeah.” It wasn’t just someone’s opinion. You just knew this was it. This was your plan. If you carry this out all 2015 massive success and you set it down on the desk, and you went about your business, how much good is that going to do?

Zero, right? You have to implement that knowledge. These couple forms here … I printed off one of these just to show you. This is the clarity map there. It prints off in a nice poster-size. I want to just read a couple things from here, but the first one here is just having some vision statements and goals. I’m sure you have these kinds of things or you can Google and find others.

I just put a couple of examples on the website, because number one, we got to get what’s in our head and our heart out on paper. If you don’t like paper, then use Evernote, or whatever that we use that we’re going to refer to. Have something written down. There really is some power into having an idea.

Haven’t you ever gone like, “Oh, what’s that thing?” You got to get it down into something, whether it’s a notebook you carry around that you can refer back to. At least you can go, “Where is that? There is it is.” Having something where you have a, “What’s my, the vision for my?” Whatever, this might be an area of your life, area of your business, but the vision is how can you get that down.

I thought Jim’s point about having those markers really plays well into this clarity map. The benefit of a marker is it’s like a point in time. It made me think of a lighthouse. The concept of the lighthouse is in the storm, you got a marker to go towards. If the storm is raging and you’re fighting the waves, you still see that little light out there. Maybe in the airplane, in the aviation world, there’s those lights that show where the runways are. It gives you guidance.

In the example of the lighthouse, isn’t it true that if there’s a really big storm, you’re distracted and you’re fighting the waves? Maybe you’re not focused 100% on that, but you know it’s there. This right here is something that I bought the license to and I adapted. Then you’ll notice when you print it off, at the upper left, I added some good thing for our kingdom focus, spiritual daily routine.

Proverbs 29:18, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” What this is this is just an example model that you can adopt for your life, for your business to start the day off right. In the upper right, it says pre-launch. What are some goals? What are some why’s behind your goal?

Step one, calm your mind. Close your eyes. Pray. Sit still. How many times do we jump out of bed … Maybe you’re groggy and you could have pulled yourself out of bed, but you hit the ground running. You grab that cup of coffee and you are out the door, and you are sprinting all day long. You come in. Maybe there is a couple of things that you should have done throughout the day and spent just a touch more time on it might have been a little teeny bit more efficient, but we’ve got a thousand things to do.

This concept of just starting the day off with a calm mind, prayer, “Lord, what do you want me to do today? Help me not to miss what I need to do in my own life, in my own business, for your life. Maybe there’s something.” Have you ever heard someone say something and it just triggers a thought in your mind? If you are already thinking 10 steps down the road, you’re not going to pick up on that.

There’s a song. I think it’s maybe Brandon Heath. Give me the eyes so that I can see the hurt around me to know number one that there is a need, number two that I can be. This first step, calm, pray. I’m not going to go through all these, but just gives you just an idea. Number two, express thanks, 1 Thessalonians, “Be thankful in all things.”

Having a grateful attitude, read, read your Bible, study. Don’t just get caught up in only one type of Bible study or another. Read the scriptures. Make sure that that is a part of your day. Nothing wrong with the great authors of the day, but have that as supplementary. Does anyone in here have a prayer journal? That’s common.

One of my daughters at school just said, “Yeah, we’re decorating our prayer journal. Oh, that’s for having our prayer requests that we can …” “That’s wonderful. I love that.” I have for years kept a gratitude journal. A lot of the Old Testament is really the children of Israel documenting when God used His strong right arm and saved them. Now, we can look back and go, “Wow! God came through.”

Can’t we do that in our life? Right now, can you think of one thing in the past 60 days that God’s really done; you’re just like, “It’s really nice?” If you don’t write that down and have a marker that you can look back on in 10 months, maybe it’s in one and aren’t the others. If you have this little short little entry, today’s date. “Today I had … The Lord really came through for me.”

If you can build that notebook up and multiple, multiple entries, and you look back on and in your life, you’re going to be encouraged. Even teeny little trivial things, to me, those are some of the most exciting. The big things, the Super Bowl thing, those are obvious, but the little things like, “Lord, I just would really love the …”

Here is an example that sticks into my mind. One time, my wife and kids were going down to the Cosco. They were doing the samples. They were tasting this soup, this one certain soup. They were like, “This is so awesome.” They looked, and there was like, “The price was a little  …” My wife was like, “It’s a little expensive. We can’t get that.”

She teaches at Beth Eden Baptist School.  They have one of the parents to come through, and they bring all the time extra food bank. There’s food in the teacher’s workroom because teachers are so highly paid.(HaHa) His whole ministry, he leaves some things, boxes of things. That exact brand of soup that the kids were pining for, that next day was cans and cans of that sitting there. It was a super, super encouragement. To write that down and look back on it and go, “Thank you God.”

I would just say that this might be an interesting thing for you to adapt to your own life, not that you’re going to follow step by step every single jot and tittle every single day, but it can be that marker, that lighthouse to keep you in your personal life on the way to winning your business Super Bowl. With that, I’ll leave you with one last thing.

Can you guys all think of one person today that you could send an email to or call and say, “Guys, you’d really love coming to the KBA next month. Let me get you on the list to get the announcement.” If we said, think of 28 people … One, can you think of one? I’ll be Curly. Can you do one thing, call one person, email one person because would it be nice to next month have every single table full?

What do we get out of it? Nothing but it’s the brotherhood, the camaraderie and the encouragement here. I will leave you with that encouragement as well, so one person you could invite for next month’s meeting.

Jim:                  Mike, if you want to stand here, we could pray as we depart. You’re welcome to stay and network. Please consider bringing somebody. Continue to look at our website. There’s a lot going on with KBA. We’re really starting to reach out. We’re going to do some outreach in a meaningful way. Please bring folks.

We certainly appreciate you coming and sharing with us. The other aspect is, especially with this plan that Mike has put up here, as I’ve looked at in detail, is really powerful. It has a lot in it. We’d like to hear from you, as far as your testimonies. If at any time any of these teachings or the KBA in general is a blessing to you, please share that. Send us an email, quick email. Just let us know.

We’re certainly trying to walk this with you. It encourages us when we hear from you that something fit within your life.



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